online file cabinet frustration

5 reasons I’m moving to an online file cabinet

It’s time to upgrade to an online file cabinet I’m Dr. Zach Wong and I’m making the transition to an online file cabinet. I’m a 78 year old retired physician and veteran with two adult children, and also head of my household. When I married my wife 54 years ago, I told her that day […]

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online clutter frustration

Reduce your online clutter with an online vault

Say goodbye to your online clutter Remember the last time you needed to find that really important document you stored in the cloud? Sounds easy, but when you’re in a hurry or have thousands of files, it’s anything but. With both personal and professional cloud usage at an all-time high according to LifeSite partner SkyHigh […]

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Use 2FA to protect yourself online

Remember that movie where the bad guy tries to start World War 3 by launching the nukes? But his plan is foiled because the launch requires two factors – the launch code and a handprint scan. If you think of the launch code as your account password and the handprint as two factor authentication (2FA), […]

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