LifeSite along with its partners share a common vision of creating the most comprehensive, safe life information management platform.

“To rapidly build and scale web-based businesses, organizations are looking to harness the public cloud. LifeSite selected VMware vCloud Air as its IT cloud platform for performance, reliability and access to management and automation tools, that will enable seamless ongoing development and deployment of new applications and features for customers. vCloud Air is based on vSphere, offering customers an enterprise-grade infrastructure-as-a-service with the security and network isolation and platform high availability they need to run their businesses.”


Angelos Kottas, Senior Director of Product Marketing, VMware

“LifeSite has an inspired team, solution and mission. They refuse to let security fears stop people from using technology to improve and share their lives. As a communications firm, that’s a story we’re eager to tell.”


The Marcus Group, Inc., Public Relations/Advertising Agency and LifeSite Vault users


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