LifeSite Pro

Enhance client engagement and streamline information exchange.


Maximize opportunities by maximizing relationships

New standards are requiring businesses to provide a more personalized experience. As an advisor, your client’s priorities and best interests should come first when you provide advice. LifeSite Pro is an application you provide to your clients and their families to help deepen engagement. If you don’t know your clients, you can’t give great advice.

“The collaborative features of LifeSite Pro help our clients share their documentation with us simply and efficiently. LifeSite assists us in our client interactions so we can provide superior service.”


Jay Fong, CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and managing partner, Concentrum Wealth Management


Simple, Secure File Sharing

Easily share files with clients using our simple, easy-to-use File Vault. Eliminate the risk of emailing attachments through insecure, unencrypted servers.


Real-time Notifications

Receive alerts on your client’s vault activity so you can follow their efforts and fill any potential gaps in records. Know exactly when your client viewed or updated a section so you can be in tune with their activity and offer help when it’s needed most.


Secure Messaging

Clients and advisors can exchange encrypted messages within LifeSite Vault, so everyone knows the specific changes that have been made to a client’s vault.


Detailed Permissions

Advisors start with access to four default categories in a client’s vault, but clients can also choose to share any part of their vault with family, loved ones or trusted advisors.

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