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Q: Who should use LifeSite Vault?
A: Anyone who has spent time searching through piles of paper, flash drives, computers or cloud services for an important document or a simple piece of information should use LifeSite Vault. Whether you’re currently using paper files, a safe deposit box or other tools, LifeSite Vault provides a safe, smart alternative to help you get organized.

Q: What is the difference between LifeSite Vault Basic and Plus?
A: LifeSite Vault Basic is designed for a single individual looking for a secure way to organize their personal information and have it backed up online. LifeSite Vault Plus enables families of all ages and sizes to co-manage and securely share their life information.

Q: How is LifeSite Vault different from other storage solutions?
A: Filing cabinets take a lot of time to organize and manage while having limited security, and any cloud-based storage solutions are simply digital extensions of these. LifeSite Vault offers a highly organized, structured online vault, designed to allow families to securely store and share the essential files and documents that really matter. That means items like a scan of your driver’s license or health insurance card, are available whenever and wherever you are. Our free mobile application gives you on-the-go, hassle-free access to your vault. (Download the app for iOS or Android)

From a technical standpoint, the real differentiation lies with our secure platform and architecture. Designed from the ground-up to protect and secure our users’ information, we have implemented the latest technologies to provide layered security and defense, so you can rest easy that your life’s information is safe. Learn more about our military-grade security here.

Q: How much storage space do I get?
A: LifeSite Vault Basic users get 1GB. Plus users get 5GB.

Q: Can I access my LifeSite Vault from my phone or tablet?
A: Yes! Download the LifeSite Vault mobile app for iOS or Android. LifeSite Vault’s web version can also be accessed from your mobile device via any popular web browser.

Q: What type of files or formats may I upload to my LifeSite Vault?
A: You may upload files of any type or format to your LifeSite Vault. It’s the perfect place to store items like a scan of your driver’s license or health insurance card, but maybe not your blurry selfies. On the LifeSite Vault Mobile App, you can upload images and files already stored on your phone or take photos directly from the app.

Q: What is a Partner User and how does it differ from a Sub User?
A: Partner Users can edit your information, while Sub Users can only view your information. A good candidate for being a Partner User is a spouse or trusted advisor who can input and manage information on your behalf.

Sub Users may be able to view your information but may not edit or change it for you. Children, babysitters, and loved ones without a need to manage your information make good Sub Users. Permissions for Partner and Sub Users can be edited in the “Manage Collaborators” section.

Q: What is a Backup Contact?
A: A Backup Contact is anyone who you have invited to be a part of your LifeSite Vault network, and is notified after a period of inactivity that you choose.

Only Partner and Sub Users can be made Backup Contacts, as those individuals’ accounts are linked to the Main User’s account. This feature is designed to create an extra layer of security and custodianship around your important information. We recommend selecting a highly trusted family member to be your Backup Contact, such as a spouse, parent, or child.

LifeSite Vault Basic allows one Backup Contact, while LifeSite Vault Plus allows you to select up to five Backup Contacts.

Q: How do my Backup Contacts retrieve my information?
A: When you designate a Backup Contact, you also set an Inactivity Notification Period. Once that Inactivity Notification Period has expired, LifeSite will email your Backup Contact to inform them of your inactivity. If there is no activity from the Main User, your Backup Contact will then be able to access your account based on the permissions you choose.

Q: What information can be shared with my Backup Contacts?
A: Any information you want can be shared with your Backup Contacts. You can set individual permissions for every field in LifeSite Vault via the “Manage Collaborators” tab in your LifeSite Vault menu. This system is designed for you to fully personalize how you share and collaborate.

Q: I’m thinking of using LifeSite Vault for my business. Do you have an enterprise solution?
A: We have a number of partners in sectors such as financial management and estate planning. If you’re interested in getting in touch, we would love to chat. Please email ourbusiness development team.

Q: Is LifeSite on social media?
A: We sure are! Follow us for the latest updates and information on new releases on Facebook here, Twitter here, and Instagram here.

Q: Who can open a LifeSite Vault account?
A: Anyone, anywhere in the world, over 18-years-old can use LifeSite Vault.

Need Help?

Q: Who do I contact for technical support?
A: The LifeSite support team can be reached in two ways. E-mail support team, or use the “Help” tab in the lower right hand corner of your LifeSite Vault Dashboard to search the knowledge base prior to either leaving a message or initiating a live chat, if we’re online. After clicking “Help” you’ll be able to type into a search field, after which pressing “enter” on your keyboard will reveal the option to either leave a message or live chat with a member of our support staff.

Q: How can I share my information with loved ones?
A: LifeSite Vault Plus lets you easily and securely share your information with your family or any trusted individual by adding a Partner User and up to four Sub Users to your account.

You’re able to selectively grant your Partner User access to any of the information categories you choose and let them view, edit, or download any files from your File Vault. Sub Users have limited access to your account and are only able to view the information you give them access to.

Also, LifeSite Vault Plus allows you to establish multiple Backup Contacts, so trusted family members and loved ones can be notified of your inactivity and access your key personal information in the event of an emergency.

Q: How can I enter my data more quickly? What are my options?
A: Your File Vault includes convenient drag and drop features to quickly upload files of any type. On your iOS or Android mobile device, you can also take photos of important documents and upload them directly into your secure file storage. Plans to simplify the process of importing information are on our roadmap – so stay tuned!

Q: Is my LifeSite Vault secure?
A: Security isn’t just a feature at LifeSite, it’s a priority! We utilize the latest military-grade security practices and protocols. LifeSite Vault combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security to provide the safest and smartest digital storage solution.

LifeSite Vault encrypts every single piece of information and every file. All your data is transmitted with high-level TSL and stored with 256-bit AES encryption, and uploaded files are segmented into pieces with each piece stored separately, making the files unreadable in storage.

Each LifeSite user’s encryption key is as unique as they are — no two users share the same key. Each user owns their unique key. You are in complete control of your information; only you can choose to share it, or not.

LifeSite employees can never gain access to your information.

Q: What should I do with my original documents now that I have everything stored in my LifeSite Vault?
A: LifeSite provides a convenient, and most importantly, secure way to save, access and share copies of your information. However, it is still a good idea to keep the original documents in a secure physical environment such as a safe deposit box. Note the locations of these originals in your LifeSite Vault, so that your backup contact knows exactly where to find them in the event that you are unable to provide the whereabouts.


Q: How are LifeSite passwords protected?
A: Your LifeSite Vault password is never stored or transmitted in plain text and must meet stringent strength requirements. LifeSite Vault utilizes a distinctive password model that has been used successfully for years and has never been breached. It also prevents anyone at LifeSite from viewing your password. Several forms of authentication are required if you ever forget your password and need to reset it in order to regain access. All failed login attempts and idle time are monitored to prevent unauthorized access.

Q: Where is LifeSite Vault data actually stored, and how do I know that it is safe?
A: LifeSite Vault’s hosting resources are protected on multiple levels. With the exception of the Main User, nobody, including LifeSite employees, can access information stored inside LifeSite Vault. We host the data in a secure environment with 24/7 security and monitoring, flood/fire detection and prevention, and uninterruptible power supplies. Our data center partner is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility and carries an ISO/IEC 27001:2013-2016 certified information security management system. To provide further protection, our data center uses lights-out management (LOM) that limits the risk of human error and uses automated controls to monitor and manage servers remotely.

Click here to learn more about our partner’s security architecture or download the technical security white paper.

Q: How can users trust that LifeSite Vault will remain secure?
A: While no system can guarantee 100% security, the layered security and defense architecture of LifeSite Vault is designed by a security-focused team of computer engineers, who proactively work with world-class security experts to constantly test and fortify the system. . LifeSite continuously monitors security and regularly hosts third-party audits to provide the most secure environment possible. LifeSite will never call its users by phone, and company policy strictly prohibits any personal identification information (PII) or personal health information (PHI) to be exchanged over email.

No LifeSite employee has access to your Vault info. Rest assured that you and your Partner or Sub Users are the only ones with access to the controlled environment that is your Vault.

Q: Does LifeSite work with any other technology companies in developing LifeSite Vault?
A: LifeSite collaborates with recognized industry leaders including MongoDB, Vormetric, and VMware. Our technology partners help us utilize the highest levels of encryption code, key storage management, and cloud data center management to develop the safest environment possible for our users.

2016 LifeSite Vault™ Release Notes

LifeSite Vault Mobile 2.2 – Introducing Short Form Video

  • Release of LifeSite Vault Mobile adds the ability to take video snapshots directly within LifeSite Vault.


LifeSite Pro 1.0 – Enhance your client engagement

  • Release of LifeSite Pro for advisors to collaborate with clients.


LifeSite Vault 2.3 – Secure Messaging

  • Update includes secure messaging.


LifeSite Vault Mobile 2.1 – Turn your Smartphone into a Mobile Document Scanner

  • Release of LifeSite Vault Mobile adds an integrated scanner and fully functioning Manage Collaboration and Settings sections.


LifeSite Vault Mobile 2.0 – Access, Upload, and Collaborate from your phone

  • Release of LifeSite Vault Mobile including multiple account management, scanner app integration to your File Vault, and Notification Center.


LifeSite Vault 2.0 – Announcing LifeSite Vault Plus

  • Release of LifeSite Vault Plus including custom collaboration and viewing permissions, a subscription payment system, Notification Center, and improved Backup Contact functionality.


LifeSite Vault 1.1 – New and Improved File Gallery

  • Updates include the release of an improved registration and file gallery, search bar navigation, and new medical field.


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