Team LifeSite Paint Night

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! To celebrate, Chris invited the team and our friends and families out to Paint Night. Can anyone guess the theme we chose?
LifeSite Paint Night all

HINT: It has to do with a LifeSite advisor who is also an NFL Hall of Famer…

LifeSite Paint Night tt
We had a wide range of skill levels, which meant that some of us took to it immediately, while some of us needed a little attention from the instructor to get going. Still, there weren’t many of us who were better than or enjoyed themselves as much as our youngest LifeSite “employee”.

LifeSite Paint Night turkey hand

It was so much fun putting paint to canvas and letting loose our inner artist. At LifeSite, we value and encourage creativity, which isn’t always an easy thing with a small team in close quarters. However, we recognize that creativity directly contributes to productivity. Giving team members the freedom to express themselves in ways like Paint Night is an important part of our company culture, and it carries over to our work.

We also can’t wait to hang our artwork in the office! The riot of colors and the memories behind each painting still brings a smile to our faces even a few days later. We’re more inspired than ever to continue making great products that benefit you and your family.