It’s official! LifeSite is joining forces with Boston-based mobile app company Mustbin to transition their users to our award-winning product, LifeSite.

When we first began discussing this partnership with Mustbin, it was clear from the outset that we shared the same mission – to give you the flexibility to organize and share your life’s most important information in an ultra-secure and accessible online vault.

“Mustbin was designed around a central idea: How can individuals organize all their information and be prepared for when they need it?” said Brian Shin, Mustbin founder and Chairman. “Mustbin has found the perfect partner in LifeSite to forge ahead answering the question and achieving our mutual goal of helping individuals and families around the world manage their life’s information.”

Our CEO and Chairman Chris Wong had similar thoughts. “Mustbin has done a fantastic job providing easy-to-use digital storage for an individual’s vital information. We are aligned in our mission to provide a solution to those struggling to keep track of an ever-growing amount of information and paper records.”

What does this mean for LifeSite Vault users?

Nothing. You’ll continue to enjoy the same ultra-secure platform you’ve known. In fact, keep an eye out for some exciting new improvements to the service including a brand new Amazon Echo skill.

What does this mean for Mustbin users?

In addition to the LifeSite Vault mobile app, Mustbin users will have access to a secure web portal and eventually, access to an Amazon Echo skill. Until July 30, 2017, the service will continue to be available. After that date, Mustbin will be retired as a standalone mobile app.

At the end of the day, this acquisition speaks to the vital role companies like LifeSite and Mustbin play in our rapidly growing digital society. As people continue to store more and more of their lives online, no one should have to choose between convenience and security.

We enthusiastically welcome all Mustbin users to LifeSite! If you have any additional questions, please visit our Mustbin Acquisition FAQ page.

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