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who matter most

LifeSite Vault is your online safe deposit box


Organize What Matters

Keep track of everything important to you and your loved ones. Pre-organized categories and file management give you the tools you need to stay organized.

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Share with Loved Ones

Co-manage with a Partner User and share with loved ones, trusted friends, and advisors. Grant access to critical information when it’s needed, and restrict access when it isn’t.

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Industry-Leading Security

Only you and those you trust can access your content. Your information is protected with:

Two-factor authentication

Military grade 256-AES encryption

End-to-end encryption
Encrypted unique rotating customer key

Data segmentation and encryption at rest

World class “lights out” data center
Routine security checks

Daily 3rd party security audits
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Secure Access at your Fingertips

Finding your important medical, legal, and insurance documents has never been easier. Create, edit, and view information on-the-go from all your devices.


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“By encrypting, organizing and storing our most important documents, LifeSite gives peace of mind to our families when they need it the most.”

Teddy Zee, Executive Producer of “Pursuit of Happyness” and LifeSite Vault User

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