Data Privacy Solutions
Data security and compliance out of the box or build how you want with the LifeSite Platform.
A Data Vault solution specifically for your business
Achieve compliance with a turnkey solution, a custom offering, or something in between.
PII, FinTech, HealthTech. Achieve compliance and securely share your sensitive data globally.
Operate a safe and healthy environment, with a complete COVID-19, infectious disease testing, vaccination, and tracking solution.
Use LifeSite's building blocks, API services and flexible deployment to build or extend a custom solution tailored to your needs.
Prevent fraud by authenticating and validating ownership, goods, or legal documents with LifeSite smart NFTs.
Isolate, encrypt, authenticate, govern, and utilize sensitive data with LifeSite data platform services.
Zero trust
End to end encryption
Full anonymization and zero knowledge proof
Data Governance and management
Identity Management
Access Control
Encryption / tokenization
Data protection
PHI and HIPAA compliance
Start innovating with LifeSite
Scale and remain compliant while delivering robust, secure solutions to your customers. Unlock the benefits of our ready to use data privacy solutions today.

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