Posted By Chris Wong, CEO & Chairman, LifeSite Despite being a small company, we have LifeSiters on both coasts, so it’s rare for all of us to be together in one place. That happened a few weeks ago, when we were finalizing LifeSite Vault Plus. We talked about what led us to LifeSite and the most common answer by far was the desire to build a product that brings families together. As I’ve said before, LifeSite connects your head and heart, but as LifeSite Vault evolves, we’re discovering that it’s connecting loved ones online too. I’m proud to announce the public release of LifeSite Vault Plus. It includes our most powerful feature to-date: sharing. Until now, you’ve used LifeSite Vault to store your life’s information online in a convenient and secure system. With Plus, you’ll now be able to share this information with your loved ones, in that same convenient and secure system. LifeSite Vault Plus comes with a Primary User, one Partner User and up to four Sub Users. You and your Partner User will be able to collaboratively enter your family’s information into LifeSite Vault, and then share this information with up to four other users, who could be your children or even your parents. Additionally, your Partner User will be able to set permissions for what information each Sub User can view. For example, if you and your partner decide you don’t want your children viewing your wills, simply disable their access to that section. Or if you want to share your Netflix password with your 16 year old, but not your 8 year old, you can do that too! LifeSite Vault gives you the flexibility to choose which of your loved ones has access to as much or as little of your information as you decide. This launch is just the beginning of our quest to connect you and your loved ones online. I encourage everyone to try out LifeSite Vault Plus, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date!