LifeSite Makes Estate Planning Simpler by Integrating Estate Plan Navigator In our mission to create the premier online “family hub” for storing, organizing, and sharing life’s most relevant information, we’ve found that estate planning is one of the most daunting tasks for families – a duty they tend to put off over and over again, even though it’s vitally important for everyone. To make estate planning simpler for LifeSite users, we’ve partnered with Estate Plan Navigator, an alliance of attorneys, financial planners, and techies devoted to making estate planning easy and unintimidating. EP Navigator’s services are now fully integrated within LifeSite, so LifeSite customers can access EP Navigator’s powerful, friendly estate planning tools. Using EP Navigator, families and individuals can easily create estate planning documents. From there, EP Navigator works in tandem with them to identify when life events require an update of the plan. All documents are stored on secure servers so they are fully protected and can be accessed whenever needed. Our director of business development, John Hoye, summed it up: “EP Navigator is a perfect addition to LifeSite because their mission dovetails with ours: to help people get their life documents together for easy access – and also to help them know which documents they have, which they need to add, and which ones they’ll need in the future. Our users have been requesting add-on services for estate planning, including wills, trusts, health care, and financial powers of attorney. We’re happy to have found a partner who can provide all these services in such a low-friction way, especially in such uncertain times.” EP Navigator’s founder and president, Chris Hall, added, “Just as LifeSite simplifies the organization of all of life’s vital information, Estate Plan Navigator guides you through a simple process to create affordable estate planning documents entirely online. Your estate plan is customized for you, reviewed, and approved by a qualified attorney in your state. Once complete, it is stored securely in your LifeSite Vault.” Integration is complete and available immediately, accessible via LifeSite’s web and mobile versions. It’s the internet’s best estate planning, incorporated into the internet’s best personal document storage service. Log in to your LifeSite account for an exclusive discount.