In honor of May the Fourth, let’s talk about one of the most memorable Star Wars characters ever, Jabba the Hutt. (Spoiler alert: He dies an inglorious death.) I’ve always wondered what happened to Jabba’s stuff. Did he have a will (or kids)? What about his criminal empire? He must have had multiple properties, right? Did he have an insurance policy for the barge? Was Jabba the only one with access to his online accounts? While I hope Jabba was a responsible criminal overlord and stored all his important information somewhere (or ordered Bib Fortuna to do it), that information would have become largely useless without a designated backup contact. When you first create your LifeSite Vault account, setup your backup contact.

  1. Send an invite
  2. Once you’ve decided who your backup contact will be, enter their email and LifeSite will invite them to create their own account.

  3. Choose period of inactivity
  4. You can choose either three, six, nine or twelve months. If you’re inactive for that long, LifeSite will email your backup contact.

  5. Assign permissions
  6. You can designate multiple backup contacts and each one can have access to specific or entire parts of your Vault.
… and may the fourth be with you. </geek>

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