The Equifax data breach has not only shaken our confidence in credit institutions, it’s also damaged the perception of cloud-based services. Here’s the top 5 ways LifeSite goes above and beyond to maintain our ultra-secure system.

  1. User Encryption Keys
  2. We treat all users like a company. Most services do this only for big institutions, but every single LifeSite user benefits from a unique encryption key (a complex string of characters). Your key “locks” your information so that only those who know your key can access your account. Without it, your data reads like encrypted garbage. As an added level of security, your key automatically and regularly changes.

  3. Data Chunking
  4. It sounds a little clunky, but data chunking is one of the most important ways we guard your data. Once you save something to LifeSite, we chop your data into pieces and store them across multiple physically separated servers. This means that in the unlikely event someone gains access to one of our servers, they’ll never be able to piece your (encrypted) information together.

  5. End-to-end Encryption
  6. LifeSite never stores your information on your computer, laptop, mobile, or any other device. However, that means there’s a lot of back and forth between your device and LifeSite’s servers. That’s why LifeSite encrypts your information when it’s being sent to your device, when it’s stored on our servers, and every point in between. We NEVER store or transmit your information in plain text.

  7. Regular Security Audits
  8. LifeSite has built a patent-pending security architecture to protect your information, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. Third-parties regularly conduct audits to confirm our security and provide feedback for improvements whenever necessary. We’ve obtained the highest scores possible for SSL verification, web vulnerability testing, and penetration testing from organizations like HackerOne and SkyHigh Networks.

  9. Data Center Security
  10. LifeSite recognizes that the physical security of your information is just as important as its digital security. As a result, we’ve partnered with a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility to store your data. LifeSite stores your information in data centers with 24/7 security and monitoring, water/fire detection and prevention, and uninterruptible power sources.
We built LifeSite from the ground up with one thing in mind – the security of our users. LifeSite has successfully balanced that with a simple, easy-to-use interface, ensuring you never have to choose between convenience and security.

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