Introducing Estate Plan Navigator

June 23, 2020By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements
LifeSite Makes Estate Planning Simpler by Integrating Estate Plan Navigator In our mission to create the premier online “family hub” for storing, organizing, and sharing life’s most relevant information, we’ve found that estate planning is one of the most daunting tasks for families – a duty they tend to put off over and over again, … Read More

COVID-19 update

March 30, 2020By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements, Company Culture
A message from our CEO, Chris Wong The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has been felt by everyone around the world. Our thoughts are with all of you during this crisis. In this time of social distancing, individuals and families are challenged to locate, organize, and share important information and documents necessary to plan and … Read More

LifeSite for Pets: Amazon Echo-enabled

April 1, 2017By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements
April 1, 2017 (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) – Tech startup LifeSite is excited to introduce our latest product – LifeSite for Pets. Any household pet can now securely organize, store, and share their life’s most important information, all through the convenience of your Amazon Echo. LifeSite for Pets is a breakthrough integration between LifeSite Vault and … Read More

LifeSite Pro 1.0 – Enhance your client engagement

October 26, 2016By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements, Release Notes
Welcome to LifeSite Pro, where LifeSite brings the security and collaboration of LifeSite Vault to the enterprise level. With LifeSite Pro, advisors can now manage and exchange information with their clients through our proprietary information management portal. LifeSite Pro Dashboard Comprehensive overview of all your clients including their timestamped activity. Manage Clients Sign in to … Read More

LifeSite Vault 2.3 – Secure Messaging

October 26, 2016By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements, Release Notes
In this latest update, you can now securely receive and send encrypted messages to your LifeSite Vault collaborators. It’s a convenient way to inform family members and trusted advisors of the changes you made or information you’d like them to review. Encrypted Communications Just like the rest of your data, all messages are encrypted within … Read More

LifeSite Vault Mobile 2.1 – Turn your Smartphone into a Mobile Document Scanner

September 14, 2016By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements, Release Notes
Mobile scanning apps can be helpful tools, but few smartphone owners are actually using them. Many users are deterred by the complexity to set-up or use current scanning apps. LifeSite recognizes this and is pleased to share the newest version of our LifeSite Vault companion mobile app, designed to easily “point and shoot”, automatically store, … Read More

How A Cloud Partnership Can Deliver Trust

February 28, 2016By Team LifeSiteAnnouncements
Posted by Chris Wong, CEO & Chairman, LifeSite If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that providing a product which delivers “peace of mind” is a worthy pursuit. Not only does it affect what you provide your customers, but it extends to many areas of how you run your business. It’s not something you hear … Read More