It’s time to upgrade to an online file cabinet

I’m Dr. Zach Wong and I’m making the transition to an online file cabinet. I’m a 78 year old retired physician and veteran with two adult children, and also head of my household. When I married my wife 54 years ago, I told her that day that I’m preparing her for widowhood. (Glad she could take my sense of humor!) Since then, I’ve always made sure my affairs are in order by keeping all my important information and documents in a file cabinet under lock and key. I love my family and never want them to suffer because I lost their crucial information.

When I was introduced to LifeSite Vault, believe me, I was skeptical. However, these five reasons convinced me to give an online storage system a shot.

  1. Security
  2. It seems like every day there’s a news story about a company being hacked, so this was my #1 concern. LifeSite’s military-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication convinced me that LifeSite truly prioritized security.

  3. Pre-organized Categories
  4. LifeSite thought of all the possible categories I could store in Vault, so that I don’t have to. It’s simple, easy to learn, and perfect for an organization junkie like me.

  5. Mobile scanning
  6. Spending a lot of time to scan and reorganize all my documents was a big deterrent to me using an online system. With LifeSite Vault, I can scan documents directly from the mobile app and then save it in the right category with a few quick taps.

  7. Sharing my data
  8. If anything happens to me, my wife and two kids need to be able to find my information. Making them backup contacts for my account means they’ll always be able to access my data.

  9. Automatic Backups
  10. I’ve manually backed up parts of my file cabinet in a bank vault, but it’s a huge hassle to “update” files in my safe deposit box. It gives me peace of mind that LifeSite does this automatically and instantaneously.
If you’re like me and have always used a file cabinet to store you and your family’s information, or tried out Dropbox and felt like it was too complicated or didn’t offer enough organization, give LifeSite Vault a try. It’s the online file cabinet you’ve been looking for. – Dr. Zach Wong

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