April 1, 2017 (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) – Tech startup LifeSite is excited to introduce our latest product – LifeSite for Pets. Any household pet can now securely organize, store, and share their life’s most important information, all through the convenience of your Amazon Echo. LifeSite for Pets is a breakthrough integration between LifeSite Vault and Amazon Echo, combining LifeSite Vault’s security and accessibility with the Echo’s powerful voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant capabilities. “The collaboration features of LifeSite for Pets lets me share my information with my last litter, who got adopted by the nice family across town,” says Mr. Sprinkles, Bay Area dog celebrity. “LifeSite is a must-have for any pet parent.” With LifeSite for Pets, your dog, cat or llama can now access their LifeSite Vault as long as an Amazon Echo is within earshot. A simple bark, meow, or bleat activates the LifeSite Alexa skill, and simple, intuitive “Ask Alexa” commands give your pet the information they need, hands and paw-free. “The response we’ve received since launching LifeSite for Pets has been overwhelming,” explains Chris Wong, LifeSite CEO. “Personally, my two hamsters and I are using LifeSite for Pets to co-manage, organize, share and discover sensitive personal information in the cloud.” “I never knew I needed LifeSite for Pets until my owner left town for business and forgot to leave my insurance information with me,” says Fluffy McFlufferson, Cat Stylist to the cat stars. “Once I contacted my owner, she was able to securely upload my information and I was immediately able to access it using LifeSite for Pets.” The LifeSite for Pets Alexa skill is free to download and enable on any Amazon Echo device. About LifeSite Based in Silicon Valley, LifeSite was created to inspire and empower people and pets by connecting their head and their heart – providing personal peace of mind today, and for family and loved ones tomorrow. LifeSite’s secure, convenient, and smart web-based solutions help individuals, families, and “life networks” store, organize and access the most important information in their life, anytime, anywhere. With security as their first priority, LifeSite combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide safe and smart digital storage solutions. Life’s Information. All in one place. For more information, please visit lifesite.co/2017aprilfools or email aprilfools@lifesite.co.