“What WAS that password??” All of us have thought this at one time or another. Unfortunately, the most common solution is to choose a dangerously simple password or use the same one for every service…or both. STOP!! Passwords are largely known as the weakest link in IT security. According to Skyhigh, over 10% of cloud service users employ 20 of the most common passwords. A Cambridge study said a whopping 31% of users reuse passwords in multiple accounts. While a shocking number of cloud providers offer only the most basic security controls, LifeSite Vault employs a number of security controls including both two-factor authentication and encryption at rest to help keep your information secure. In a password driven world, we want to help you strengthen your first line of defense with some tips and tricks for creating as strong of a password as possible.
  1. Increase password length and add complexity. This is the easiest way to ensure a strong password. We recommend a minimum password length of 8 characters with at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, at least one number, and at least one special character such as @ or ^.
  2. Use unique passwords. Use different passwords for important websites and applications such as email and online banking.
  3. Stay away from common dictionary words. Please don’t use ‘123456’ or ‘password’ in your password. They may be easy to remember, but they are just as easy to break.
  4. Don’t base passwords on personal information. Avoid using any public details when building a password. Don’t use anything which can be discovered about you, such as your hometown, birthday, or the name of your spouse.
  5. Use uncommon patterns. For the same reason as above, it’s best to avoid using a pattern of numbers which may be easily identifiable such as day/month values, e.g. ‘0120’.
If you’re having trouble remembering all these complex passwords, use a secure online tool like LifeSite Vault to store your login and passwords for all your online accounts. Conveniently located in the Online Accounts section, LifeSite Vault’s one-click launch feature will open your account’s URL and auto-fill the login and password. And all of this is protected with military-grade encryption and layered security, and accessible via your computer or mobile device.

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