This month, we’re announcing the release of LifeSite Vault Plus, our first subscription product. LifeSite Vault Plus is a natural evolution from LifeSite Vault Basic, building on the same secure organized system you’re familiar with, combined with the ability to co-manage and selectively share all your life’s most important information with anyone you trust: family members, friends, advisors, and loved ones.
  • LifeSite Vault Plus Collaboration and Permissions Invite one Partner User and up to four Sub Users, and grant fully customizable access to your account information. The new “Manage Collaborators” function allows you to set permissions for your Partner User to edit, view, or be restricted from any combination of categories you choose.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts Seamlessly alternate your view between your dashboard and anyone else’s you may have access to as a Partner or Sub User, all without having to log out.
  • Subscription Payment System Manage your paid subscription on the “Account Management” page. Update your credit card, modify subscriptions, download your invoices, and more.
  • Notification Center Be alerted to a variety of activities related to managing and accessing your information. This includes accepting pending invitations to be a Partner or Sub-User.
  • Enhanced Backup Contacts Designate your Partner User and/or any Sub Users to be your Backup Contact. In case of emergency, your Backup Contacts are alerted of your account inactivity after a time period that you select.
We’re very excited for you to experience LifeSite Vault Plus. Take a look and begin sharing your family’s information! As always, feel free to share comments, questions, or feedback at