Welcome to LifeSite Pro, where LifeSite brings the security and collaboration of LifeSite Vault to the enterprise level. With LifeSite Pro, advisors can now manage and exchange information with their clients through our proprietary information management portal.
  • LifeSite Pro Dashboard Comprehensive overview of all your clients including their timestamped activity.

  • Manage Clients Sign in to a client’s account using the Manage button and your client will automatically be notified of any activity you perform.

  • Secure Messaging Send encrypted messages to your client without leaving LifeSite Pro. Your client will be sent a “pending message” notification.

  • History Track all client activity and interactions, or limit the view to only individual client activity.

  • Detailed Permissions To protect client data, advisors only start with access to a client’s professional service categories such as Finances and Insurance & Legal. Clients may grant access to more or less of their File Vault using their collaborator permissions.

If you’re interested in deploying LifeSite Pro for your business, please let us know! We look forward to helping you deepen your client engagement.

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LifeSite Pro helps you maximize opportunities by maximizing relationships.