In this latest update, you can now securely receive and send encrypted messages to your LifeSite Vault collaborators. It’s a convenient way to inform family members and trusted advisors of the changes you made or information you’d like them to review.
  • Encrypted Communications Just like the rest of your data, all messages are encrypted within LifeSite’s patent-pending security architecture.

  • Centralized Messaging Unlike with other “secure messaging” solutions, you’ll never need to leave LifeSite Vault to compose, send, or receive your messages.

  • Pending Message Notifications Message recipients will be sent an email notifying them of a pending message. To ensure the highest level of security, these emails will never contain the message itself.

We’re continually innovating at LifeSite to make LifeSite Vault the most secure product possible for you and your family. We very much welcome comments, questions, or feedback at

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