5 Reasons You Should Backup TODAY

March 30, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
You know how you’re supposed to shower before jumping into the pool? Or vacuum under the bed? Backing up your data is just like that, except the consequences of not doing it are much more dire. By 2020, 1.7 MB (megabytes) of data will be created every second for each person on the planet. With … Read More

5 online security tips for the unlucky

March 16, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
When it comes to your online security, the last thing you want to rely on is the luck of the Irish. You may find a few shamrocks today, but you’re going to need a lot more than that to protect yourself from cyberattacks and other online threats. The worst time to worry about your online … Read More

Panic Day: 5 Ways To Keep Panic At Bay

March 10, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
Panic Day is one of the strangest, yet most cathartic holidays you’ve probably never heard of. When’s the last time you were under an impossible deadline? Or had a particularly frustrating time dealing with family? Panic Day is the day you get to press the panic button. Scream, jump onto your desk, or just laugh … Read More

Team LifeSite Paint Night

March 2, 2017By Team LifeSiteCompany Culture
Happy Employee Appreciation Day! To celebrate, Chris invited the team and our friends and families out to Paint Night. Can anyone guess the theme we chose? HINT: It has to do with a LifeSite advisor who is also an NFL Hall of Famer… We had a wide range of skill levels, which meant that some … Read More

9 Benchmarks for Growing your Financial Practice

February 23, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
How to tap the Multi-Generational Goldmine The financial industry is poised for one of its largest sea changes ever. Make sure you’ve properly positioned your practice to be on the winning side. Know your industry trends Over the next few decades, we’ll witness the largest wealth transfer in history. We’re not talking about the sale … Read More

4 Ways To Be a Better Caregiver For Your Loved Ones

February 15, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
According to AARP, nearly 44 million Americans are caregivers for a relative or friend over age 50. That’s nearly 1 in 5 adults nationwide. As our population ages, an increasing number of Americans are becoming caregivers. So whether you’re a first-time caregiver or anticipate becoming one in the near future, it’s one of the most … Read More

LifeSite Vault Mobile App

January 9, 2017By Team LifeSitePro Tips
Have you ever been on vacation and your parents emailed you needing medical information about your child they’re babysitting? Or been at an appointment and wanted to scan and share an important document with your spouse? With LifeSite Vault’s mobile app, you’ll enjoy the same security and flexibility as the desktop version, but with the … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Match Game – THE ANSWERS

January 7, 2017By Team LifeSiteCompany Culture
Congratulations to Jack Y., the winner of our LifeSite Match Game and a brand new LifeSite t-shirt! And thanks to everyone else for playing. Here’s the answers as well as a little bit more about each LifeSiters’ resolution. Adam (Technical Lead) Resolution: Don’t break Barney Adam finally convinced a few of us to come out … Read More